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Friday, December 26, 2008

Cemetery Vandalism

It has been a busy time of year for this Graveyard Rabbit! Christmas season tends to eat up my days much to quickly. I hope everyone had as nice a Holiday as I did! I wanted to do a post on Christmas in the graveyards, but unfortunately couldn't squeeze it into my schedule this year. I have missed posting to this Graveyard Rabbit site! 

I wanted to share with you some of the damage that you may see in cemeteries. The pictures I am sharing with you I took at the San Lorenzo Pioneer Cemetery.

You may remember this cemetery is under renovation by the local historical society. When I visited I was surprised how much of the shrubbery and weeds had been cleaned up, and the tree trimmers were working trimming the trees while I was there.

I actually took many photos of the damage to headstones and grave sites, these are just a few to give you an idea. Some of the headstones were totally missing, others laying on the ground. Then there were those that were crushed into smaller pieces. Headstones were so far from their actual grave sites, it was amazing.

Walking through this cemetery pulled at my heart, so much damage, so sad. I am sure there are many cemeteries with more massive damage. I could have posted a couple dozen more photos, but I know you have the idea. The light at the end of the tunnel for the San Lorenzo Pioneer Cemetery ~ It is being renovated, and I have already seen improvements! Many thanks to the Hayward Area Historical Society!


Jennifer said...

Ack. Totally depressing. I just don't get what value people get out of destroying cemeteries. Are they really that disconnected from any sense of history or even common humanity and a sense of the sacrosanct? Grrr.....

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Thanks for this very telling post and reminding us all of the very senseless and cruel act of vandalism.

Cheryl Palmer said...

Hi Jennifer and Judith!

Most kids who are into drinking and partying really don't care about much except themselves and their friends. Unfortunately there are those who act in detrimental ways, either to themselves, others or objects. Maybe as adults they will do something to repay the damage they have caused, we can only hope.