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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Family Friends With Mr. Parade!

Who would have thought when I ran across the headstone of "Mr. Parade" That Ed Kinney would have such a connection with a few of my family members!

As mentioned in my last post I have a relative who was a past mayor of Pleasanton as was Mr. Kinney. My relative was Warren Harding. It turns out that Warren and Ed did know each other. I inquired with another first cousin once removed and here is what she told me.

"Ed Kinney was also a friend of mine. He had the name Mr. Parade as he always narrated the Alameda County Fair Parade from the top of the Pleasanton Hotel and was the person who started the "Good Times Parade" in Pleasanton when two of the announcers on some program on TV had a bet and one was to wheel the winner in a wheelbarrow in a parade. Ed volunteered to have it in Pleasanton, it may have been the years he was Mayor. Ed was also part of our Presbyterian Church and I believe he marched with the Balloon Platoon in the parades. He was a friend of Warren's and they served on the council and also the same church. Ed was very active in the Museum on Main St. (In Pleasanton) and their lecture series is named after him. He had a great laugh and always had a funny story to tell. He had worked one time for a drug company and when asked what he did he always responded with "I sell drugs." We all miss him."

She went to to tell me that she had recently run into Ed's wife and filled me on the rest of the family and what they are doing now.

It is very interesting what my cousin told me here, it is so in sync with everything I had read about Mr. Kinney, with a couple added extras. I wasn't familiar with the Balloon Platoon so I looked into it and found this link if you are interested in knowing more!

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