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Saturday, January 3, 2009


Here is a link to "Names in Stone" - a cemetery mapping site.

It is a beautiful website! You can map a cemetery and preserve it's history! You can join the site and become a research assistant if you so desire. Decorating a grave with virtual flowers and banners is an option, and subscription memberships ($7.95 a month or $39.99 a year) receive emails about new or modified information that match their research. Subscription members can also save a list of the cemeteries they are interested in, and receive discounts.

There are only a few states that are covered so far on this site. California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Ohio, and New York are the ones I am aware of, with Utah having the most cemeteries listed. Not all cemeteries are covered in these areas. You can search by name, birth year, death year, site, or cemetery, the search is free! (Subscription memberships get the added extras)

When you go to this site, please be sure to read the "about us" information. It has a wonderful story! To entice you to go to the site and read this story, here is what NAMES IN STONE has to say directly after the story:

"We love this story. It confirms to us the value of cemeteries as a source of history and a source for answers. This is what NAMES IN STONE is all about
. . . preserving cemetery information and making it available in such a way that questions can be answered, and loved ones remembered."

You can encourage your local cemeteries to participate by sending photos and information. The public and cemeteries both, may update the information as often as may be needed. This site is set to benefit cemeteries, genealogists and the general public. Remember, this is a growing site, maybe you can help it grow!

Visit the cemeteries without leaving home!

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