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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

This catholic cemetery is located on Mission Blvd. in Hayward. From what I have read I understand the cemetery began in 1913 and as of a year ago entails about three thousand graves.

This is the entrance of the cemetery. It is quite nice, as cemetery entrances go. Not being catholic myself, I had never been inside this cemetery. For some reason I almost felt as if I wasn't suppose to be on these grounds. I am not sure why I felt this way.

The cemetery is probably the most organized looking cemetery I believe I have ever been in. The grounds were nicely kept and the headstones were lined up in rows so perfectly everywhere you looked. I felt such a sense of perfection. Maybe that is one of the reasons I felt I wasn't suppose to be on the grounds. Maybe because it was a catholic cemetery and it looked so perfect?

I took the above picture as I admired the difference in this memorial. There is a surname, but I don't remember finding dates or any other information. There are a few memorials like this one throughout the cemetery.

Here is a picture of the mausoleum. This is such a beautiful building. Next time I visit this cemetery maybe I will feel comfortable enough to actually going inside. I spent about an hour on the grounds and felt more comfortable the longer I was there. And, as usual, the more I explored the more I wanted to explore!

In the future I will share more pictures and a story or two of some of the more prominent people buried here. For now I wanted to introduce the cemetery to you and give you a flavor of age, beauty and perfection.


Judith Richards Shubert said...

Yes, it is indeed a beautiful cemetery. I've had the same feeling at times when visiting certain cemeteries. Don't know why. Great post. Look forward to more from the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.


Cheryl Palmer said...

Hi Judy!

Thank you so much for commenting, and glad you enjoyed the post!