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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ghosts, Goblins and Cemeteries

Ghosts and goblins and witches and more
Houses are spooky and haunted for sure
Skeletons hiding in closets all night
Waiting to give you such a big fright!

Cemeteries are dark and scary too
Halloween is not a night there for you
Traipse across a grave and you may find
A scream of "Boo", you'll go out of your mind!

Halloween time it is. What better time to find out about haunted cemeteries? In South Alameda County the cemetery with all the action is supposedly Lone Tree Cemetery in Hayward.

The entrance of the cemetery and it's main area is apparently where whispering and thumps have been heard. Grave sites and headstones have had things moved from them and put in places that no one can understand or explain. Whispers and strange movements in the darkness have been reported. Other strange noises along with bells ringing and flashes of lights are also on top of the happenings here.

Can you imagine being in a cemetery and all of that going on? What if you saw a strange circle of light before you, for no reason, and it disappears as suddenly as it came? I understand this has happened and has been captured on film. Along with film evidence strange voices and sounds have reportedly come across on video.

Well for me, I haven't been to this cemetery, yet, anyway. Am I a believer in the supernatural? Can places be haunted? Do things like this really happen? I personally don't believe in these things, but many people do. Some quite strongly. Strange things do happen that no one can explain, this is true. But I am not convinced...I don't think I am convinced...gee, am I convinced?

I think when I plan to attend Lone Tree Cemetery, I will have to do a post announcing this travel date.(I may be a little apprehensive about being on these grounds, this post has me re-thinking my views...) After all, if there were no more posts on this site, wouldn't you want to know that maybe, just maybe, the cemetery got me?

(And no, I will not be going on Halloween!)

Happy Halloween!


Terry Thornton said...

Cheryl, Do give us an update when you visit this cemetery! Inquiring minds wish to know. LOL!


Cheryl Palmer said...

I suppose this means I need to do it at night then? Shutttttter......

Anonymous said...

I dont believe it is haunted. You wanted haunted, go down to the San Lorenzo, Pioneer Cemetery, now that one is haunted!

Cheryl Palmer said...

Hi Anonymous,

I am curious why you believe San Lorenzo's Pioneer Cemetery is haunted? Is it because it is so old, or are there stories relating to it being haunted? Thank you for commenting!