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Friday, October 31, 2008

Benjamin Franklin Ingalls and Sophronia Thomas

Grave site of Benjamin Franklin Ingalls and Sophronia Thomas.
Date October 27, 2008. Location Chapel of The Chimes, Hayward, Alameda County, California. Digital Image. Photo by Cheryl Palmer. Privately held by Cheryl Palmer,[address for private use] California. 2008

First my attention was caught on how tall this monument is. Then I saw the name, who could pass up a picture of the name Benjamin Franklin! Ok now, I really didn't believe Benjamin Franklin was buried here in California by any means, but I had to know more about this Benjamin Franklin.

This is actually Benjamin Franklin Ingalls, son of Wm Ingalls. Born in Sullivan, Maine on July 12, 1812. Died December 19, 1879.

Benjamin Franklin Ingalls wife was Sophronia Thomas was born in Eden, Maine on August 28, 1912. Died January 1, 1970.

We can also see that Benjamin's father was William Ingalls. I did a quick look up and found that Olive Preble may be his mother. Actually I found a family tree that looks like this Benjamin fits nicely into. I tried to contact the owner of the tree, but she chose not to have contact from anyone. Hopefully she will catch this post and contact me! (I changed the title just for this reason, maybe it will catch the right eyes) I will have to see if there is any way I can contact this person. If it were me researching this family I would want the picture!

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