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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Meet the Rabbits - 3

Each week since last November there has been a "Meet a Rabbit" article where one of the Graveyard Rabbits has introduced themselves to us. Each Rabbit article is posted in the order they joined the association. I would like to share these posts with you, so you can learn a little more about us and the areas we are covering. I am giving you the links to the final set of five introductions, which now brings us current. I will then post each introduction as it appears. I think you will enjoy reading about these featured Graveyard Rabbits, and about their blogs!

Week 13 - The Rural Michigan Cemeteries Graveyard Rabbit by Jessica Oswalt

Week 14 - The Graveyard Rabbit of Utrecht and Het Gooti by Henk van Kampen

Week 15 - The Graveyard Rabbit of British Columbia, Canada by M. Dianne Rogers

Week 16 - The Graveyard Rabbit of Eastern Tennessee by Elyse Doerflinger

Week 17 - The Graveyard Rabbit of Lancaster County by Linda Stiensta


Sheri said...

Thanks Cheryl for the wonderful PR for the Rabbits! I will be at the CGS meeting on Saturday the 14th. Hope you can make it. Kathryn Doyle says you don't need to be a member, you can just show up.

Cheryl Palmer said...

Hi Sheri,

I am so happy to have met you all on the 14th! It was great fun! Thank you for the comment!