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Monday, March 9, 2009

McLennan Monument

I know I have shared this photo with you before, however this time I would like to share with you the monument you see in the foreground. Such a large and modern day monument! It is beautiful, as monuments go, and what a setting it has for a picture!

The monument is for the McLennan Family, as you can see across the top. This monument is located at the Lone Tree Cemetery in Hayward, California. There are engraved flowers and leaves on each of the side panels. These panels alone are larger than many of the headstones here in this cemetery.

In between these two side panels there is a panel which says:

These we hold most dear
never truly leave us
They live on in
the kindness they showed
the comfort they shared
and the love they brought
into our lives.

The far left monument is~

Loving Husband Father And Grandfather
Paul D.
March 14, 1909
December 29, 2001

To the right of Paul is~

Vivian F.
September 22, 1914
December 1, 1988

The monument in the middle, below the McLennan name, says Baby Girl. Unfortunately, I can not read the date clearly so don't want to guess at something so important. There are four blank headstones at this time.

On a Google search I found "The Art Monument Company" in Hayward, California with Paul D. McLennan as the contact person. Could there be a connection?

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