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Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's A Blogiversary!

Hum, I am having a few new Learning experiences which I hope is what I can call them. I had this post ready to go and post on the 23rd at 11:28 AM for my blogiversary, but just now realized it never posted! I believe have have another post that hasn't posted yet either. I am going to post this one now, I just don't know what hung it up...


Thank you to Thomas from Geneabloggers for bringing attention to the Graveyard Rabbit of Southern Alameda County this morning! I receive Geneabloggers email daily and this morning it posted a greeting which reminded me that today is the 4th Blogiversary of this blog! It is hard to believe it has been four years already.  You would think I would have remembered

This year has been a tough, busy one so you haven't seen as many posts, but I sure hope that all changes very soon!

Thank you all for following, commenting and checking in! I really appreciate it! In fact, that is the best blogiversary gift I could have! 

Planning a blog post real soon, I hope, be on the look out!

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