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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

For Immediate Release

Another post that was scheduled and didn't post here...not sure why...

I received this in my email today, very interesting! Please read on, and be sure to click the links ~

For Immediate Release.
Sunday October 28, 2012 is “Visit a Cemetery Day”

Cemeteries are much more than just a peaceful and tranquil resting place for the departed. They are also a fascinating snapshot of a community's historical timeline, a proud and permanent museum for those who came before and helped shape the identity and personality of every community across North America.

From unique names, interesting symbols, dates and thoughtful epitaphs engraved into each unique headstone and mausoleum, each and every marker in a cemetery has its own interesting story that should be shared.

Sunday, October 28, is the second annual “Visit a Cemetery Day” celebrated across North America brought to you by International Memorialization Supply Association (IMSA),, Kates-Boylston publisher of American Cemetery Magazine and funeral professionals and cemeterians.

"Visit a Cemetery Day" is a day in which everyone comes together to show their support for the historical and social importance cemeteries have in their community. Not only are cemeteries the best place to learn about the rich history of a community, they are also a place where a person can trace their ancestry through the generations.

"Visit a Cemetery Day" isn't just a day to commemorate those who came before, but rather it encourages people to embrace the celebration of life and to learn about the people who've helped shape each and every community across North America.

Whether it’s to bring flowers, wreaths or other tributes to the final resting places of family members and friends, take a quiet walk along the paths, photograph headstones and mausoleums, or study the engravings etched on headstones, "Visit A Cemetery Day" is also a wonderful opportunity to spend a beautiful autumn day with family and friends and visit the gravesites of ancestors and departed friends, before the cooler temperatures of winter arrive.

On "Visit A Cemetery Day", everyone is encouraged to take the time to visit a local cemetery to show their respect to those who came before and also enjoy an interesting and memorable day with family and friends, because every life is worth celebrating and remembering.

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