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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Be Aware! Safety Reminder!

There was a newscast last night which discussed an issue going on in Northern California cemeteries. I thought I would remind you all and give you a heads up about this, maybe it will save someone from some stress.

There has been a series of purse snatchings at a cemetery or cemeteries in Colma. Women would leave their purse in their unlocked car, thinking they were so close, and no one was around, so it shouldn't be a problem. Wrong! A car would come by, a man would get out, open the unsuspecting persons car door, snatch the purse, hop back in the car, and be gone in a flash. The get away driver would do the job he/she needed to in order not to be caught. It happened to one woman who was no more than a few feet from her car.

This seems like a common sense issue, but, do you lock the car door when you get out to wander or take pictures? I know I have left my purse in the car unlocked, and ended up wandering further away from my car than originally intended. Always be prepared! Make sure if there are any valuables in your car when you leave it, lock the door!

One of the women this happened to wouldn't let her face be seen on the news, she is afraid of retaliation. I am sure at country cemeteries especially, you feel pretty darn safe, I know I do in city cemeteries I attend most of the time. Usually they are so quiet and I can't see anyone else anywhere. But, maybe that is when we should be more aware! You never know when a car will suddenly pull out from somewhere and try to make you his victim.

With the economy the way it is, these robberies don't really surprise me. They are however, a good reminder for us Graveyard Rabbits and others, to pay attention to our surroundings and be safe. Really now, can't you imagine how easy it would be to get robbed at a quiet, lonely cemetery?


footnoteMaven said...

This is so important to stress.

Having lived in CA I learned very early to lock my car doors always.

Even walking from the gas pump inside to pay. People here in WA laugh at me for all my door locking.

Thanks for this true public service post. Wish we didn't have to even think about it, but we do.


Sheri said...

Thank you Cheryl for this heads up. Disturbing as this news is, it doesn't surprise me either. You'd think that a cemetery would be a haven from crime.

Diane Wright said...

Great note. I am careless because I feel safe, this is a wke up call. Thanks