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Thursday, March 15, 2012

THIS SUNDAY ~ Ancestor-honoring Ceremony at Oak Knoll Cemetery

This Sunday, March 18, from 11am-3pm at Oak Knoll Cemetery in Livermore, Daniel Foor will be conducting an "Ancestor-honoring Ceremony." The following is reposted (with permission) from Daniel's website, Ancestral Medicine explaining this event. His website gives details about his ancestral work, earth offering rituals, personal sessions and ministerial services. There is a section "About Daniel" along with some testimonials and a place where you can subscribe to his newsletters. Take a peak at his website and maybe I will see you at Oak Knoll on Sunday!


Places of burial are seen as a sacred ground by both secular and religious cultures worldwide, and conversely, desecrated graves are seen as potential sources of spiritual disturbance. By assuming communal responsibility for honoring the local dead, we can enjoy nourishing relationships with the ancestors and support our communities to be places of spiritual vitality and health. This community teaching and ceremony will focus on ways to honor the ancestors of place and will be held at a historically desecrated and abandoned cemetery near a public high school in Livermore, Ca. Oak Knoll Cemetery was the final resting place of about ninety early Livermore residents from 1873 to 1931; however there are no longer any grave markers or monuments. The area is now a public park in a state of disrepair and a popular destination for ghost hunters. Upon arrival, we will clean up any garbage from the area, and discuss in circle beliefs and practices regarding the ancestors. We will then offer an inclusive, heart-centered ceremony to convey our respect and goodwill to the spirits of place. No prior experience is necessary and the offering will be interfaith and welcoming to people of all backgrounds.

Logistics:We'll gather from 11am-3pm (2:30-3pm time for group lunch after ceremony, bring your own). We'll still gather in light rain and cancel for severe weather. Please bring a simple natural offering (e.g., flowers, cornmeal, tobacco, ash, spirits/whiskey/etc.) to contribute to the ritual. $40 suggested contribution. Confirmation in advance is helpful.

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