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Sunday, October 31, 2010

First Permanent Newspaper Publisher of Hayward

In the 19010 Federal Census George "A." Oakes and his wife, Emma are both listed as publishers of a newspaper. If you look closely at this monument, you will see that it states George was the "First Permanent Newspaper Publisher of Hayward."

His family was listed as living in Eden Township, specifically on A Street. George and Emma had three children, George "H.", Nelda and Helen. George "H." was listed in this census as being 21 years of age and a printer in a newspaper office. George "A." and the rest of his family were all born in California.

George "Henry" Oakes founded the Alvarado Pioneer in 1925, his son George "P." published this until 1946 and then it was merged with the Township Register which later became The Argus.

George "A." Oakes was born Jan. 7, 1856 and died October 9, 1925. His monument and place of rest is in Lonetree Cemetery in Hayward.

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