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Friday, March 26, 2010

Roses for Rowe and Robinson at Roselawn

One day while I was strolling through Roselawn Cemetery I saw this unique headstone. It was for Nellie Kennedy Rowe. I knew I had to take pictures of this headstone with all of the roses. The name Rowe from Livermore meant something to me,too. I know a Rowe, or should probably say, knew a Rowe from Livermore. I have no idea if there is a relation between these two or not, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least if there is.

Nellie was born January 26, 1912 in Arkansas and died February 18, 1985 in San Joaquin County, Ca. The center of the headstone shares picture of Nellie. Below her picture there is an phrase which reads ~


The label to the right of this has the initials, as I read them to be, "C.C."

Right next to Nellie's headstone was another headstone which at a quick glance I assumed to be Nellie's husband. I quickly took the pictures and moved on. Upon returning home and really looking at these headstones, I realized, this second headstone was not that of Nellie's husband. The name on this headstone reads Johnny Dean Robinson. The dates state ~ Born August 3, 1961 ~ Died July 21, 1983. Johnny only lived to be 22 years of age. The year he was born, 1961, and the year Nelli was born, 1912, were definitely from different generations.

Johnny's picture is also in the middle and below his picture it reads ~


The banner to the bottom right on Johnny's headstone has the initials J.D.R, Johnny Dean Robinson?

I was unable to find what the initials on Nellie's headstone stand for at this point. Johnny must have been Nellie's grandson.

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