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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mountain View Cemetery

From the Mountain View Cemetery Webpage here ~

Annual Events and Festivals

Early February - Lincoln's Birthday/Civil War
Late March - Ching Ming
Late March - Tulip Festival
Early May - Mothers' Day weekend
Late May - Memorial Day celebrations
Early July - Oakland Historical Association Walking Tour
Late October - Pumpkin Festival
Early November - Fall Foliage celebrations
December - Holiday Remembrance Gathering & Tree Decoration, Holiday Circle of Lights

Mountain View Cemetery now offers free docent-led tours twice a month.

I will have to check into these tours and see about taking one!


Deez said...

Thanks for the info. I'm going to get in on one of those tours too. My favorite place to go hunting...

Cheryl Palmer said...

You are welcome, let me know when you go!

hummer said...

This looks great. Next time I go to California I will have to look into visiting here. Are you allowed to take pictures?

Cheryl Palmer said...

Better late than never? YES, you can take pictures!