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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday ~ From Costa Rica ~ Benavides Hernandez

I wanted to share with you a cemetery in Costa Rica. I actually did not take these pictures on this trip, but on the trip we made last year. I think it is always fun to see graves from other countries. This is the resting place for my husband's uncle in Heredia, Costa Rica.

It is the gravesite of the Benavides Hernandez family. In Costa Rica, the children are given the last name of the father and then the mother, hence "Benavides Hernandez." In Costa Rica my husbands last name was Benavides Benavides.

This inscription shows that Ricardo Benavides passed away on June 27, 1996. This was my husband's mother's brother. I met him once, roughly five years before he died.

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