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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Flanagan

This stone is in the Dublin Pioneer Cemetery. I like the scroll announcing the burials. Those buried here are:

Kate Flanagan - Died May 4, 1914
John Flanagan - Died June 2, 1915
Eva Mary Flanagan - Died October 10, 1951

There is a Flanagan Lane in Dublin and knowing that many of Dublin's early settlers are buried in this cemetery, we can be rest assured John and Kate were a part of Dublin's beginnings. I found there was a John Flanagan who was a trustee for the school district, with a wife known as Lizzie around the 1890 time frame.

The Flanagan Plot is in Section A, Row 6. It looks as if Mother, Father and another Eva are also buried there. I could not find their death dates.

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