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Monday, August 24, 2009

Hidden Memorial

There are four granite stones which are engraved with the names of many military veterans from San Lorenzo, Ca. and areas close by. These granite stones are under a tree next to the Heide House. The Heide House is a old Victorian building on Grant Ave. Military veterans are unhappy because the stones are actually hidden by a hedge. They would like to have the stones moved to an area which would make the monument more visible. There are approximately seven hundred names on these stones and it is an "all war" monument.

In 1999 the war memorial was built by Tom Clements. At the time he had an office in the Heide House and therefore placed the memorial close to his office. A couple of veterans, whose names are actually on the memorial, would like to see the stones moved to an area down the street which is owned by the county. They feel it would be a more prominent area to be seen. Veterans of the area would like to spruce up the memorial and place flags of each division of the armed services all around the memorial.

Tom Clements likes the memorial just where it is and doesn't want to see it moved. Tom's brother served in the Vietnam War. Tom's wife came up with the idea to do something to honor local veterans, hence the memorial. The Clements put a lot of time and energy into this. Eventually the hedge was placed along the memorial, which apparently makes the wall very difficult to be seen. The Home Owners Association's board members and the county supervisor would like to find a better home for it. The problem is, it belongs to the Clements! The Clements are afraid of vandalism, damage and the possibility of being stolen if they were to move it.

What a wonderful idea the Clements had making this memorial. This memorial reminds me of the Vietnam Memorial Wall. The Clements wall is not as tall, the letters much larger and it is built with 4 stones. Such a beautiful, hidden monument. I am sure the money and effort involved, plus the emotion of building such a thing, says a lot for why Tom wants to keep the Memorial where it is. However, something this beautiful, sentimental and historical in nature should, in my eyes, be placed where the public can see it. Bottom line is, as I said before, the Clements own it and can do with it what they see fit. Maybe, one day it will be placed in an area where it will be protected, yet visible for everyone to see and appreciate.


Deez said...

Instead of taking the Clements' Memorial. Why don't all the big wigs figure out a way to do their own? Obviously this memorial means something to the Clements'. I say the town builds their own...

Cheryl Palmer said...

Hi Deez!

I say... I agree!!! But that would be to easy now wouldn't it? Thanks for commenting my friend!