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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oak Knoll Cemetery ~ Part 5

I know some of you thought I had reached the end of my reports on this cemetery, however I have a bit more to share with you, believe it or not!

This is the hill where Oak Knoll Cemetery once was. For many years this hill has been better known as "Boot Hill." Upon researching, I have found that this term was used for Wild West-era cemeteries. The men buried in these cemeteries were men "who died with their boots on" such as those men who may have died in gunfights. Livermore supposedly didn't have gunfights as you see in the movies though. Another story I have heard is that the students at the high school nicknamed it "Boot Hill."

This is the dirt path I went up to view the grounds of the old cemetery. When I reached the back of the hill, you could see the ball fields from the nearby high school. Hopefully now you have an idea how close the school actually is to the hill, where many students cut across every day of the school year.

I walked around the property, which isn't all that large. The top of the hill is an acre and a half. My most recent understanding is that the top of the hill is privately owned, although I have no idea who owns it. Apparently the city has never taken the time nor the effort to take title to the hill. Part of the land towards the lower area is owned by the city and some is owned by the school district.

As I proceeded around the property, oh wait, what is this hole...?

A closer look brought me to the following site. Surprising to say the least. I can't even imagine this hasn't been filled...especially with all the people going through here! What a field day this could be if someone were to be injured from this...and a reminder that remains of those buried here were never actually removed...

Here I am close to the top of the hill, and there is the road below.

There are some fenced areas, although the gate is open here, so a lot of good this one does!

And the brush needs tending to~

However, can you image back in the day? Before all the building, obstacles and such, what a view there must have been!

Photos - Boot Hill, July 19, 2009, Livermore, California. Digital Images. Held by Cheryl [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2009
Source - Livermore Heritage Guild,, Valley Times news clippings from March 7, 1999.


Deez said...

Great post...I hope nobody falls into the open grave. I find that quite creepy actually...

dustbunny8 said...

I bet this was a pretty little cemetery in it's day.Seems like a concrete burial liner is too recent for this place though?I have a weakness for the not perfect places,thanks for sharing it with us!

Cheryl Palmer said...

Hi Deez, I have to admit that I was VERY startled when I saw this. All I could think about was the High School kids that cross this area all the time, and no one has done anything about it, and it makes me wonder why it has been like this for so long.

Hi dustbunny8, I can imagine in it's day it was very nice, if I imagine some greenery somewhere. You have a good point as far as the concrete burial liner. Now my mind is wondering...maybe some more digging!

Thank you both for your comments, I really do appreciate them!